Our Offering

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Phase 1 Development Plan

The Ardent Property is over 16 million square feet (370 acres) and located directly adjacent to the Douglas Commercial Port and south of the US Customs and Border Patrol Station. This provides our holdings with the optimal combination of access and security.

The New Commercial Port

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in collaboration with the city of Douglas and community stakeholders, completed a regional feasibility study in 2019 and identified the need to separate commercial and non-commercial traffic flows in the city of Douglas. Serving almost 31,000 commercial vehicles a year, the current facility, the Raul Hector Castro Land Port of Entry (LPOE), is too small to efficiently process both commercial and non-commercial traffic flows. The new commercial port will be located roughly 5 miles to the west on an 80-acre site at the intersection of James Ranch Road and the U.S. / Mexico border. This site is being donated to the U.S. government by the city of Douglas.

source: GSA.gov (click to expand)

The new port, which received Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding, would process commercial traffic for the binational region and would provide cross-border access between the states of Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. Once construction of the Douglas Commercial LPOE has been completed commercial operations will move from the Castro LPOE to the new facility.

This new dedicated commercial port of entry will provide Douglas, Arizona with two LPOEs and better facilitate the crossing of commercial goods, produce, and heavy mining equipment as well as act as a regional economic engine. Shifting commercial operations to the new commercial port will steer commercial traffic away from downtown Douglas as well.

Tenant Agencies include the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the GSA.

Funding has been programmed consistent with CBP’s 5-year plan to deliver a fully functioning port as established in the Spending Plan submitted to Congress in February 2020. A master plan for the two Douglas ports will further define the construction phasing and funding needs within the $3.4 billion provided by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Between Two Ports

This solution incorporates adding a new Commercial Port for freight and cargo (due to open in 2028) along with updating and modernizing the existing downtown port in Douglas, which will continue to accommodate car and pedestrian traffic (due to open in 2031). Both ports will support an increased traffic flow and include state of the art screening systems, removing congestion and bottlenecks.

Between Two Highways

Located between James Ranch Road and Kings Highway, Ardent plans to build one or more connector roads to ensure a consistent flow of goods and security personnel to and from the port. This prevents a single point of failure should a northbound bottleneck from the port or security incident arise. It also ensures expedited traffic flows (i.e., fastest path) minimizing the time trucks spend being inspected, unloaded, or reloaded.

Security on Two Sides

Sitting between the new Commercial Port of Entry and the existing US Border Patrol Station creates an unparalleled “security perimeter” at no cost to Ardent Holdings. Ardent plans to further enhance locational security through state-of-the-art commercial applications, allowing Douglas to leapfrog from being the least to one of the most secure border zones along the entire US/Mexican border.

A Blank Canvas

The land is flat and unimproved, with no deep bedrock or steep hills to adversely impact construction costs. The ability to build and scale operations is virtually unlimited. This combination offers the lowest Cost to Construct while leveraging brand new Federal, State and City infrastructures.

Opportunity Zone & Free Trade Zone

There are a number of compelling tax incentives associated with this location.

Ardent Force Multipliers


  • Ardent has deep ties into America’s National Security infrastructure (law enforcement, defense and intelligence communities).
  • Ardent enjoys exceptional entré at the federal, state, county, and city government levels.
  • Ardent has established meaningful relationships with regional and national media outlets.


  • Access to skilled, low-cost workforce.
  • Access to advanced manufacturing clusters in Ague Prieta (Douglas’s sister city).
  • Access to educational partnerships and internships with colleges and universities such as Cochise College and University of Arizona (UofA) South, who have expressed interest in collaborating on a curriculum for commercial port operations and security.


The location and high accessibility of the Ardent holding would allow it to support:

  • Distribution Centers and Warehouses.
  • Manufacturers and Fabricators.
  • Transport Companies.
  • Information Technology Companies.
  • Defense Contractors.
  • Customs Brokers.
  • Logistics Companies.
  • Refueling Stations and much more.